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South Texas Sunshine
from Jack Ward

CAUTION THIS IS A SERIOUS HOT SAUCE. Do not let people who are not used to very hot sauces try this with out warning. This sauce has a great flavor but for most uses must be added to other condiments to reduce heat to tolerable levels.

2 -15 Habanero peppers
1 15 Oz DelMonte canned spiced peaches *can replace with mangos,     apricots, papayas, or pineapple
½ Cup yellow mustard
½ Cup brown sugar
½ Cup dark molasses
1 Cup distilled vinegar
1 Tablespoon cumin
1 teaspoon mixed pickling spices* may be replaced with: ½ t. ginger, ¼ t.
    allspice and ½ t. coriander
2 Tablespoon canning salt
2 Tablespoons Chili powder
1 Tablespoon black pepper
Peel and pit mango, slice and remove pulp. Place fruit slices and pulp in a blender. Remove stems from habanero peppers, place them in the blender Place all the other ingredients in the blender and liquefy the whole mixture for about 2 minutes. Bottle sauce and let it age at least 1 week for the flavors to blend. This sauce will keep almost indefinitely due to the salt and vinegar beside that no bacteria would survive in the stuff

* pickling spices should be placed in a cheese cloth bag and simmered in the vinegar for 20 minutes then dispose of them. Alternatively, grind spices to a very fine powder and add directly to the chili sauce.

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