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All efforts are being made to keep this list up to date and accurate, but previously unknown hot sauces are sighted occasionally. Please email the Big Enchalada of Hot Sauce with the details if you are lucky enough to make such a discovery!

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____301 Hot Sauce (Virginia Beach, Virginia) (ISHSA MEMBER)
____357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce
____911 Brand Hot Sauce
____9 1/2 Weeps

____Acid Rain
____After Death Sauce-Blair's (New Jersey, USA)
____Africa Deli Habanero Chilli Sauce (South Africa)
____Africa Deli Jalapeno Chilli Sauce (South Africa)
____Africa Deli Peri Peri Chilli Sauce (South Africa)
____African Rhino Peri-Peri (Kalahari Pepper Company)
____Aji Sauce Green
____Aji Sauce Red
____Alabama Sunshine (Fayette, Alabana, USA)
____Alan's Maniac Carib Sauce-1998 Scovie Award Winner
____Alan's Maniac Liming Sauce-1998 Scovie Award Winner
____Amazon Hot n Sweet
____Ami Hot Pepper Sauce from Rick's Test Kitchen (ISHSA MEMBER)
____Anal Annihilation
____Andre's Rouge
____Angel of Death
____Another Bloody Day in Paradise Three Pepper Lemon Hot Sauce (Delaware, USA)
____Apocalyptic Hot Sauce
____Apuckerlips Now
____Arriba Chipotle Pepper Sauce (Houston USA)
____Arizona Gunslinger Habanero Pepper Sauce
____Arizona Gunslinger Hot Sauce
____Armageddon Sauce-USA
____Asbirin (USA)
____Ass Blaster
____Ass in Antarctica
____Ass in Hell
____Ass in Space Hot Sauce
____Ass in the Tub Hot Sauce
____Ass Kickin' Chicken Wing Sauce
____Ass Kickin' Hot Sauce
____Atlanta Burning Sauce - Mild (USA)
____Atlanta Burning Sauce - Original (USA)
____Atlanta Burning Sauce - Super Hot (USA)
____Atomic Habanero - Greene's Gourmet of Vermont (USA) ISHSA member

____Bad Day in Bagdad
____Bad Girls in Heat (USA)
____Bailey's Irish Scream
____Bandana Bill's Blazing Blue Barbeque (ISHSA member)
____Bandana Bill's Raspberry Chipotle Sauce (ISHSA member)
____Bandana Bill's Black & Blue Sauce
(ISHSA member)
____Bandana's Seriously Cilantro (PA-USA)
____Baron Classic Red Pepper Sauce
____Barons West Indian Hot Sauce (St. Lucia)
____Bat's Brew Hot Sauce
____Batten Island Hot Sauce
____Belligerent Blaze Hot Sauce
____Bello Green Isle Sauce
____Bello Hot Pepper Sauce
____Bello Special Pepper Sauce
____Better Than Bad Sex BBQ Sauce from Rick's Test Kitchen (ISHSA MEMBER)
____Beyond Smoked Bones Hot Sauce
____Big John's Famous Key West Hot Sauce (USA)
____Big Top Fantasy
____Bite Me! (Peppermaster) (ISHSA member)
____Black Dragon, Sloan's - (ISHSA member)
____Black Mamba Venomous Hot Sauce
____Blair's A.M. Reserve (limited edition series)
____Blair's After Death
____Blair's Death Sauce
____Blair's Smoking Hot Pot
____Blind Betty's Hot Caribbean Concoctions Hot Sauce (St. John, US Virgin Islands)
____Blow Your Head Off
____Blown Away
____Blue Curb Blues Hot Sauce (ISHSA member)
____Bold as Love Honey-Habanero-Mustard (ISHSA member)
____Bonney Pepper Sauce-Barbados, West Indies
____Bottle Hell
____Boyajian Chile Oil
____Brimstone Hillbilly Chillies (South Australia)
____Brother Bru-Bru's African Hot Sauce (Venice, CA)
____Brutal Bajun
____Búfalo Chipotle-Mexico
____Búfalo Jalapeño-Mexico
____Bufalo Picante Classica-Mexico
____Búfalo Picante Especial-Mexico
____Buffalo Tom's Hot Sauce (USA) (ISHSA Member)
____Burning Desire Habanero Hot Sauce ( ISHSA member )
____Busha Browne's Pukka Sauce
____Busha Brown's Pukka Sauce
____Bustelo's Backyard Chipotle Pepper Sauce
____Bustelo's Backyard Habanero Hot Sauce
____Bustelo's Backyard Very Hot Pepper Sauce
____Butt Twister
____Byron Bay's Fiery Coconut Chilli Sauce (Australia) 2007 Scovie Award Grand Prize Winner


____CaBoom Gourmet Sauce - CaJohn's (Columbus, Ohio, USA)
____Cafe Louisiana
____Cafe Tequila - various sauces
____Cajun Chef Hot Sauce
____Cajun Power Garlic Sauce
____Capital Punishment XHot
____Caribe Soul Hot Pepper Sauce, Key West (USA)
____Cajun Power Garlic Sauce
____Cajun Rush XXX
____Calypso Sun Sauce
____ Candy's Private Reserve Habanero Lime Hot Sauce
____Capital Punishment
____Capt'n Sleepy's
____Captain's Pride (ISHSA Member)
____Cat Scratch Fever
____Cayenne Pepper Sauce
____Cayman Hell Sauce - It's Heavenly
____Cheech Chipotle Hot Sauce
____Chef Paul's Magic Pepper Sauce
____Chesapeake Baybe Hot Sauce (USA)
____Chesapeake Challenge (USA)
____Chesapeake Fire
____Chile Chocolate Passion (Peppermaster) (ISHSA member)
____Chile Today Hot Tomale Hot Sauce
____ChileNorth Apple Mango Hot Sauce(ISHSA member)
____ChileNorth IceHot Icewine Hot Sauce (ISHSA member)
____ChileNorth Rajun Canajun Hot Sauce (ISHSA member)
____ChileNorth Rajun Canajun BBQ Sauce (ISHSA member)
____ChileNorth Rajun Canajun Wing-N-It Sauce (ISHSA member)
____ChileNorth Rajun Canajun Splashin' Sauce (ISHSA member)
____Chipotle Del Sol (Austin, TX-USA)
____Cholula - (Jalisco, Mexico)
____Cracker Boy's HotSauce
____Crazy Jerry's Brain Damage
____Crazy Jerry's Mustard Gas
____Crazy Jerrys Biker Trash
____ Crazy Jerry's Oyster, Clam And Everything Else Sauce
____Crocodile Soup
____Coyote Cocina Chipotle Sauce
____Coyote Cocina Howlin' Hot Sauce
____Coyote Cocina Tangy Taco Sauce
____Craig's Green Pepper Sauce
____Craig's Chipotle Hot Sauce
____CROCODILE SOUP Chipotle Hot Sauce
____Cuyahoga Fire
____Cyanide DOA

____Da Bomb Hot Sauce
____Dan T's White Hot Inferno Sauce
Dangerous Goods Denzel's - ISHSA MEMBER, 2005 Scovie Awards Second Place
____Danny Cash's Ragin' Red Cayenne Pepper Sauce (USA)
____Danny Cash Stays Cool Caribbean Lime Hot Sauce (USA)
____Danny Cash's Bottled Up Anger Hot Sauce (USA)
____Danny Cash's Radical Heat Hot Sauce (USA)
____Danny Cash's Mean Streak Habanero Mango Hot Sauce (USA)
____Dare To Be Evel
____Dat'l Devil Drops
____Dat'l Do It Hot Sauce (St. Augustine, FL-USA)
____Dave's Cool Cayenne
____Dave's Crazy Caribbean
____Dave's Insanity Gourmet Hot Sauce
____Dave's Total Insanity Gourmet Hot Sauce
____Dave's Garlic Chile Sauce - Sriracha Style Sauce
____Dave's Hurtin' Habanero Sauce
____Dave's Insanity Sauce
____Dave's Temporary Insanity Sauce
____Dave's Total Insanity Sauce
____DEA Harris (Tunisia)
____Dead Heat (Harry's)
____Death By Chilli (Mexico)
____Death Paste from Rick's Test Kitchen (ISHSA MEMBER)
____Death Wish
____Delight Hot Rum Pepper Sauce
Denzel's Gourmet Habanero ISHSA MEMBER
____Denzel's Gourmet Jalapeno ISHSA MEMBER
____Devil Drops
____Desert Rose Tango Papaya Hot Sauce
____Desert Rose Tango Tamarind Hot Sauce
____DOA - Cyanide Hot Sauce
____Doc's Special Jamaican Hellfire
____Dragon's Breath Hot Sauce
____Dragon's Fire - Greene's Gourmet of Vermont (USA) ISHSA member
____Durango Red (Durango CO) ISHSA member - Tell Chef Norton ISHSA sent you!

____El Sol Tropical Tango Steak Sauce
____El Sol Habanero Bonfire Hot Sauce
____El Sol Wildfire Ketchup
____El Sol Habanero Goldenfire Hot Sauce
____El Sol Jalapeno Green Fire Hot Sauce
____El Sol Cayenne Fire Hot Sauce
____El Yucateco, by Priamo J. Gamboa O., Merida, Yucatan (Mexico)
____El Yucateco Salsa Picante - Green
____El Yucateco Salsa Picante - Red
____El Zarape Hot Piquin Sauce
____Emeril's Sauces
____Encona Mexican Jalapeno Hot Pepper Sauce (bottled in England)
____Encona Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
____Endorphin Rush - (Chicago USA)
____Evadney's All Purpose
____Evadney's Fire Water

____Fear the Reaper from Landry Pepper Co.
____Fifi's Nasty Little Secret
____Fig's One Drop
Fire Hazard Denzel's - ISHSA MEMBER, 2005 Scovie Awards First Place
____Fire Island (ISHSA member)
____Firehouse Thai Peanut Sauce
____Flambeau Rouge Mardi Gras Hot Sauce (Member discount available)
____Flame 4 (San Francisco, CA)
____Flaming Pig Sauce, Vick's
____Flavors of the Rainforest Papaya Pepper
____Florida Swamp Water (Chef D Rocks)
____Flounder Juice (Flying Burrito Restaurant, Chapel Hill, NC)
____Formosa Chipotle Hot Sauce
____Formosa Habanero Hot Sauce
____Frank's Original Red Hot Cayenne Hot Sauce
____Frank's RedHot Xtra Hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce
____Frontera Arbol Hot Sauce
____Frontera Chipotle Hot Sauce

____Fusion Fire (from Peppermaster) ISHSA MEMBER

____Gator Hammock Hot Sauce
____Georgia Peach and Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce (USA)
____Gib's Bottled Hell
____Gib's Nuclear Hell
____Gil's Crying Tongue Hot Sauce
____Global Warming
____Goat Pepper (Hurricane) Mash (Peppermaster) ISHSA member)
____Grace Crushed Pepper Sauce
____Grace Jamaican Hot Pepper Sauce
____Grand Anse #5 Hot Sauce (St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands)
____Grandma's Pepper Sauce (Jamaica)
____Gray's Hot Pepper Sauce
____Gringo Bandito

____Habanero Hot! Hot! Hot !- Extra Extra Hot Panamanian Style
____Habanero in Your Head (from Way Hot) ISHSA member
____Habanero in Your Head, Special Reserve (from Way Hot) ISHSA member
____Halfway to Pure Hell - Two Chefs, Inc. (Denver, CO)
____Harrison's Habañero Hot Sauce
____Harry’s Habanero (Boulder Hot Sauce Company, Boulder, CO)
____Heidi Ho Black Cat Hot Sauce - Louisiana, USA ISHSA member
____Heine Hurtin Hot Sauce
____Helen's Tropical Jerk Marinade (Jamaica)
____Hellenback - Two Chefs, Inc. (Denver, CO)
____Hellfire and Damnation Hot Sauce
____Hellfire and Damnation
____Hiccuppin Hot Sauce
____Hog's Ass
____Holy City Heat
____Holy Shit Habanero Sauce
____Honey! Where da' Hell is my Sauce
____Hoppin' Hopi - Greene's Gourmet of Vermont (USA) ISHSA member
____Hot Bitch at the Beach
____Hot Buns at the Beach
____Hot Crushed Peppers (Special Blend)
____Hot Johnson Sauce (Chef Johnson`s)(
____Hot Licks Suicide Hot Sauce
____Hot Mama's Habanero Hot Sauce
____Hot Raspberry Thunder Sauce (USA)
____Hot Sauce from Hell
____Hotz (USA)
Howler Monkey
____Huy Fong Chili Garlic Sauce
____Huy Fong Pepper Sate Sauce
____Huy Fong Sriracha Chile Sauce

____ICU Hot Sauce
____Iguana Damn Hot Sauce
____Iguana Red Pepper Sauce (Costa Rica)
____Iguana Gold
____Inner Beauty Real Hot Sauce-East Coast Grill, Cambridge, MA (USA)
____Island Treasure Papaya Pepper Sauce
____Iguana XXX Hot Sauce
____Infuse Hot Sauces: Original, Habanero, Lava & Venom
____Isla Vieques Pique Puertoriqueno
____Island Heat
____Island Treasure Papaya Hot Sauce
____Island Treasure Wild Fire

____J.L. Jardine's Blazin' Saddle
____Jalapeno in Your Head Hot Sauce (from Way Hot) ( ISHSA member )
____Jamaica Country Style Crushed Scotch Bonnet Peppers
____Jamaican Hellfire
____Jab Jab
____Jamaica Best Crushed Pepper Sauce - Cayenne Sauce
____Jamaica Best Crushed Pepper Sauce - Scotch Bonnet Sauce
____Jamaican Country Style Hell Hot
____Jamaican Hellfire
____Jamaican Hellfire
____Jaques Bourriqet's Red Ass XXX Hot Sauce (Member Discount available)
____Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon Hot Sauce (KY-USA)
____Joe's Crab Shack Sauces
____Johnny Midnite Prairie Fire SteakSuace (USA)
____Joncanoo (Jamaica)
____Juanita's Hot Sauce
____Jufran Banana Sauce
____Jump Up and Kiss Me Hot Sauce
____Jump Up and Kiss Me- Smoky Chipotle Hot Sauce
____Jump Up and Kiss Me- Passion Fruit Hot Sauce

Kamikaze Gourmet Hot Sauce Denzel's - ISHSA MEMBER, 2004 Fiery Foods Challenge Winner, 2005 Scovie Awards Third Place
____Kaitaia Fire (New Zealand)
____Kato's Island Sauce (2000 Fiery Food Challenge Winner, 2001 Scovie Awards First Place) and Member of ISHSA
Made with habanero peppers, tropical mangos and island spices. (South Florida, USA)
____Kiss of Fire
____Kitten's Big Banana
____Kryptonite Super Hot Sauce

____La Anita-Green
____La Anita-Red
____La Guaca Maya
____Last Laugh
____Last Rites Hot Sauce
____Lava Gourmet Hot Sauce (Loco Luna)
____Lawyer's Breath
Lil Smokehouse Chipotl Hot Sauce Denzel's - ISHSA MEMBER, 2004 Scovie Awards First Place
____Leapin' Lizard Salsa Picante
____Lee Kum Kee (Panda Brand) Chili Garlic Sauce
____Lee Kum Kee (Panda Brand) Spicy Sweet & Sour Sauce
____Lee Kum Kee (Panda Brand) Sriracha
____Lee Kum Kee (Panda Brand) Sweet Chili Sauce
____Lee Kum Kee (Panda Brand) X.O. Chili Sauce
____Lethal Gator
____Lethal Injection Hot Sauce
____Liquid Ax
____Liquid Stoopid
____Lil-Nas-Tee's Ankle Biting Good Habenero Hot Sauce
____Lingham's Chilly Sauce
____Live Wire Extra Hot New Orleans Hot Sauce (Member Discount available)
____Liquid Axe
____Lizano Salsa Hot Sauce (Costa Rica)
____Lol-tun- Green
____Lol-tun- Red
____Lottie's True Bajan Red Hot Sauce
____Lottie's True Bajan Yellow Hot Sauce  
____Louisiana Red Hot Sauce - by Horse Shoe Brand
____Louisiana Gold

____Mad Dog 22 Midnight Special Pepper Extract (Danger!)
____Mad Dog Green Amigo
____Mad Dog Inferno-USA
____Mad Dog Liquid Fire
____Mad Dog's Revenge
____Magma Hot Sauce
____Mango Tango from Way Hot ( ISHSA member )
____Manny's Pit Bull Hot Sauce (New York) - ISHSA member
____Mariachi Red Pepper Sauce
____Marie Sharp's Fiery Hot Sauce
____Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce
____Matouck's Calypso Hot Sauce
____Matouck's Hot Pepper Sauce
____Matouck's West Indies Hot Sauce
____Matouk's West Indian Hot Flambeau Sauce
____Maui Wowee
____Mean Devil Woman Sauce
____Melinda's Amarillo Hot Sauce
____Melinda's Hot Sauce - Extra Hot
____Melinda's Hot Sauce
____Melinda's Hot Sauce - XXXtra Hot
____Melinda's Mango
____Melinda's XXXX Reserve
____Mezzetta's Habanero Hot Sauce
____Miss Anna's Hot Sauce (St. Croix) 2008 Scovie Award Winner
____Molten Lava Hot Sauce
____Molten Smokey Bacon from Hillbilly Chillies (South Australia)
____Molten Mango, Denzel's - ISHSA MEMBER
____Mom's Apples and Cinnamon, Denzel's: ISHSA MEMBER, 2005 Scovie Awards First Place
____Mongrel Mouth
____Montezuma Aztec Hot Sauce
____Montezuma Habanero Wings
____Montezuma Karen's Wings
____Montezuma Smoky Chipotle
____Montezuma Wild Pequin
____Montezuma's Devil's Tingle
____Moondance Marinade ISHSA member
____Moose's Last Breath ISHSA member
____Mosquito Coast Dead Men Tell No Tales Hot Sauce
____Mrs. Dog's Dangerously Hot Pepper Sauce (USA)
____Mrs. Dog's Dissappearing Mustard
____Mrs. Dog's Jamaican Jerk

Naga Sabi Bomb Hot Sauce
____Nali Hot Sauce (Nali Garlic, Nali Ginger, Nali Xtra Hot) Malawi
____Nando's Pepper Sauce (Extra Hot, Medium, Hot and Garlic) ISHSA Member
____New Orleans Famous Golden Grille Habanero Hot Sauce
____Nightmare Hot Sauce
____No Joke Hot Sauce
____Not Cool Chocolate Habanero Sauce
____Nurse Nan Host Sauce (Member discount available from La Fleur's Cajun)

____Oak Hill Farm Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce
____Old Roadie Pepper Sauce
____Orange Krush Habanero Hot Sauce
____Ouch-Y-Wa-Wa Habanero Sauce (Hacienda Mexican Restaurants)
____Outerbridge's Sherry Pepper Sauce

____Pa's Deception from Hillbilly Chillies (S. Australia)
____Pain is Good #37
____Pain is Good #114 Jamaican
____Pallabi Hot Pepper Sauce from Rick's Test Kitchen (ISHSA MEMBER)
____Panola Bat's Brew
____Panola Cajun Jalapeño Sauce
____Panola Extra Hot
____Panola Hot Wing SaucePanola Vampfire
____Papa Joe's Pinapple Caliente Pepper Sauce
____Papa Joe's Red Pepper Sauce
____Paradise Pepper Hot Sauce
____Pass-Out Chipolte Chunk Hot Sauce
____Pass Out Habanero Head Mash Hot Sauce
____Pass Out Pasado Punch Hot Sauce
____Peach n Pepper Hot Sauce
Peaches and Scream Denzel's - ISHSA MEMBER, 2003 Fiery Food Challenge Winner
____Pecan Hot Sauce (Green Valley Pecan Company)
____Pineapple Punch Denzel's ISHSA MEMBER, 2004 Scovie Awards First Place
____Peckerwood Mo' Fire Sauce
____Peckerwood Original Hot Sauce
____Pelé's Revenge Hot Sauce
____Pepper Plant Chipotle
____Pepper Plant Extra Hot With Hananeros
____Pepper Plant Garlic
____Pepper Plant Original
____Pickapeppa Pepper Sauce (Jamaica)
____Pico Pica Hot Sauce
____Pikin Hot Piquin Sauce (Mexico) -Distributed by C&R Sales of San Antonio Texas 210-366-1504
____Plum Delicious from Hillbilly Chillies (S. Australia)
____Poblano Green Jalapeño Sauce
____Poblano Red Mexican Sauce
____Poblano Red Ranchero Sauce
____Possible Side Effects
____Prairie Fire Hot Sauce - Award Winner 1996 Fiery Food Show, and Member of ISHSA!
____Psycho Bitch
____Pure Hell Hot Sauce
____Pure Poison Hot Sauce
____Purple Haze

____Raging Inferno (USA)
____Rajun Canajun (ChiliNorth) - Steve "ChileMan" Carter is an ISHSA MEMBER
____Raspberry Jalapeno Hot Sauce
____Raw Heat
____Rebel Fire No. 3 (USA)
____Red Bison Hot Sauce
___Red Hot Hon Sauce (USA, Baltimore, MD)
____Redneck Whisky Wing Sauce
____Religious Experience Apocalypse Habanero Hot
____Rocoto Molido (Peru)
____Rasta Fire Hot Hot Sauce
____Rhode Island Red Hot Sauce
____Rica Red Habanero Sauce
____Ring of Fire- Reserve
____Ring of Fire- Tomachillo Hot Sauce
____Road to Hell Hot Sauce
____Roberto's HotAcado Sauce
ISHSA MEMBER & 2004 Scovie Awards Winner
____Roberto's Baja Style Soul Surfin’ Chipotle
____Roberto's Baja Original DeArbol
____Rocket Fire Chipotle Hot Sauce (Southwest Speciality Foods Inc. 1-800-536-3131)
____Rosetti's Crushed Hot Peppers in Olive Oil
____Rothschild's Hot Raspberry Thunder Sauce

____S & M (savory and mouthwatering) Hot Sauce (ISHSA Member)
____The S Bend (produced by E Parris and Son, Barbados)
____Sabre's Pride (ISHSA Member)
____Salsa Huichol
____Salsa Macho Spicy Tropical (ISHSA Member)
____Salsa Macho Spicy BBQ (ISHSA Member)
____Salsa Macho Chachamota Sauce! (Special Reserve!) (ISHSA Member)
____Salsa Macho Spicy Citrus (ISHSA Member)
____Satan's Blood Chile Extract
____Satan's Revenge
____Satan's Slow Burn
____Saucearoo (Australia)
____SauceQuatch Bigfoot Peach Hot Sauce
____Scorned Woman
____Screaming Rasta Lost in Boiling Lake
____Sergio's Revenge Hot Sauce
____Seth's Hot Sauce (Green, Red and Fire versions) (USA, 800-259-6450)
____Sharkbite Habanero Pepper Sauce W/teeth (Captain Redbeard's)
____Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning, Regular and Hot(Walker & Sons, Ville Platte, LA)
____SLO Jerk Too !#%$@* Hot Sauce (USA)
____ Smokey Serrano (Boulder Hot Sauce Company, Boulder, CO)
____Smokin' Scooter Juice-USA
____Snake Bite Hot Sauce (USA)
____SLO-Jerk Gourmet Habanero TOO HOT Jerk Sauce
____SLO-Jerk Gourmet Habanero Jerk Sauce
____Screamin' Demon Gournet Garlic Sauce
____Sontava Hot Sauce
____Southwest Spirit Smokin' Oranges
____Southwest Spirit Zia Fire
____Southwestern Smoky Red - Greene's Gourmet of Vermont (USA) ISHSA member
____Spicy Chesapeake Seafood Hot Sauce
____Spitfire Red
____Spitfire Yellow
____Spittin Fire - (ISHSA Member)
____Spittin Fire Private Reserve
____Spontaneous Combustion
____Stupit Hot Johnson (Chef Johnson's)
____Sudden Death, Blair's
____Sultan's Main Squeeze
____Susie's Hot Sauce - (ISHSA Member)
____Swampfever from Hillbilly Chillies (S. Australia)
____Swamp Fire Louisiana Hot Sauce (Member Discount available)

____Tabasco Sauce-McIlhenny Co., Lousisiana, USA
____Tabasco Habanero Hot Pepper Sauce-McIlhenny Co., Lousisiana, USA
____Salsa Tamazula Extra Hot (Guadalajara, Mexico)
____Tangy Thang
____Taste of Thai Sweet Red Chile Sauce
____Taste of Thai Garlic Chile Pepper Sauce
____Tejas Tears, Texas (USA)
____Texas Champagne-D.L Jardine
____Texas Chipotle - Greene's Gourmet of Vermont (USA) ISHSA member
____Texas Viagra red pepper sauce (HongryHawg Products of Louisiana, 1-888-772-HAWG)
____Tibetan Fire Sauce - USA
____Tombstone Boot Hill
____Tropical Tears
____Tuong Ot Sriracha, by Huy Fong Foods, Inc.
____Tabasco Garlic Hot Sauce
____Tabasco Habanero Hot Sauce
____Tabasco Jalapeno Hot Sauce
____Tamazula Black Label
____Tapatio Hot Sauce
____Taste of Thai Chili Garlic Sauce
____Tejas Tears
____Texas Pete's Buffalo Style Wing Sauce
____Thai Sriracha Sauce
____Tico Pepper Costa Rican Hot Sauce (Costa Rica) ISHSA Member
____Tonaya (Mexico)
____Tony Chachere's Hot Sauce
____Total Insanity Sauce - H-1137 - $5.25
____Trappey's Chef Magic - With Garlic
____Trappey's Indi Pep Sauce
____Tri Pepper Fancy Hot Sauce
____Trinidad Habanero Pepper Sauce
____Trinidad Habanero Wing Sauce
____Triple Proof from Hillbilly Chillies (S. Australia)
____Tropical Chile Co. Hot N' Honey (Puerto Rico)
____Tropical Chile Co. Caribe Fire (Peurto Rico)
____Tropical Chile Co. Mountain Herb Sauce (Peurto Rico)
____Tropical Chile Co. Sweet Revenge (Peurto Rico)
____Tropical Chile Co.Sweet & Spicy Steak Sauce (Peurto Rico)
____Tropical Pepper Co. Papaya Curry Tico Pepper Sauce (Costa Rica)
____Tropical Pepper Co. XXXtra Hot Habanero Pepper Sauce (Costa Rica)
____Tropical Tears
____TryMe Cajun Sunshine
____TryMe Tennessee Sunshine
____TryMe Yucatan Sunshine

____Ultimate Burn
____Uncle Dave's Kickin' Ketchup
____Uncle Dougie's Chicago Wing Sauce
____Uno (Original)
____Uno - Extra Hot


____Valentina Black Label
____Veronica's Bite from Hillbilly Chillies (S. Australia)
____Vic's Fire Sauce
____Vicious Viper
____Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce (GA-USA)
____Virgin Islands Curry Garlic Sauce
____Virgin Islands Pepper Ginger Sauce

____Waha Wera (New Zealand)
____Worcestershire, Lea & Perrins
____Walker's Wood Jonkanoo Pepper Sauce
____West Indies Creole Hot Sauce
____West Indies Creole Hot Sauce
____Whiskey Jug Fire Sauce
____Widow Hot Sauce
____Wing Time Buffalo Wing Sauce
____Wing Time Garlic Wing Sauce
____Wizard's Hot Stuff
____ A Woman's Scorn Hot Pepper BBQ Sauce from Rick's Test Kitchen (ISHSA MEMBER)

____XXXtra Habanero Hot Sauce by Tropical Pepper Company
____Yellow Thunder Pepper Sauce (available through
____Yeo's Hot Chilli Sauce

____You Can't Handle This Hot Sauce
____Youk's Hot Sauce (USA)
____Yucatan (Mexico)

Zen and Passion
Zing Capsicana Gourmet Sauce - 2007 Scovie Award Winner
Zulu Fire Sauce (South Africa)